The Vanedge team helps entrepreneurs with a combination of deep technical expertise and cross-border operational experience to rapidly scale product development, marketing and sales.

Investment Team

V. Paul Lee

Managing Partner
Paul is the founder of Vanedge and is focussed on investments in SaaS businesses that target underserved markets and digital media technologies. Paul was the former President of Electronic Arts.... read more

Moe Kermani

Managing Partner
Moe focuses on investments in the areas of cloud computing, machine intelligence, analytics, and cybersecurity. Moe was a Vice President of NetApp, a leading provider... read more

Micah Siegel

Micah’s passion is helping missionary entrepreneurs, professors and students create the “Next Big Thing” in computational biology, machine learning, scientific instruments and other technology platforms that generate complex intellectual property.... read more

Amy Rae

Amy is focused on investing in SaaS businesses and Digital Media technologies. Prior to joining Vanedge, Amy was a Vice President with Ziplocal (USA) where she was responsible... read more

Brian Martin

Brian Martin is focussed on investments in the cloud computing, AI, and cybersecurity and has been working in the technology sector for over 15 years. Prior to joining Vanedge, Brian developed... read more

Katie Kim

Investment Analyst
Katie’s responsibilities as an investment analyst include conducting market research, analyzing pipeline companies, financial modelling and due diligence. Katie holds a B.A. in international... read more

Finance and Admin Team

Todd Tessier

Vice President & CFO
Todd is responsible for all financial, legal and reporting aspects of the firm. Previously, Todd was CFO at Recon Instruments where he led Recon’s fund raising efforts and managed the acquisition of Recon by... read more

Violet Molnar

Office Manager
Violet is responsible for making things run at Vanedge and is instrumental in the daily operations of the firm. Before joining Vanedge at its inception, Violet worked with Paul at Electronic Arts and prior... read more

Linda Chen

Director of Finance
Linda is responsible for various aspects of internal and external financial reporting for the firm. Prior to joining Vanedge, Linda was responsible for finance at Recon Instruments and was actively engaged in... read more

EIRs and Advisors

Mike Gelbart

Scientific Advisor
As the fund’s resident machine learning expert, Mike provides our portfolio companies with expertise in machine learning architecture and techniques. Additionally, he assists in vetting the technology of potential investments. Mike is also a Faculty Member in the Department of Computing Science at the University of British Columbia where he leads their Masters in Data Science program. He has deep domain expertise in various aspects of machine learning technologies with a specialty in hyper parameter optimization, a key element of nearly all machine intelligence approaches. Mike has Ph.D. in Machine Learning from Harvard and a B.Sc. in Physics from Princeton University... read more

Stanley Chow

Entrepreneur in Residence
Stanley helps evaluate new opportunities and advises existing portfolio companies. He is a 25-year digital media executive and entrepreneur who has held executive and management positions at Disney, Zynga and Electronic Arts across North America and East Asia.... read more

Glenn Entis

Senior Advisor
Glenn provides strategic advice to Vanedge on technology trends in the digital media sector. Glenn is a senior technology executive and entrepreneur who has held senior leadership positions at Pacific Data Images (“PDI”), DreamWorks Animation at Electronic Arts. Glenn is also a member of... read more