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We bring capital, deep domain expertise, operating experience with high-growth companies, and a far-reaching network to support our entrepreneur partners.

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  • Hard Tech
  • Analytics
  • Computational Biology

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About Vanedge

Vanedge Capital is an early-stage venture capital fund based in Vancouver and Silicon Valley.

As operators, we’ve built and led world-class companies.

As investors, we apply our experience and our network to help exceptional entrepreneurs scale their businesses and attract follow-on capital from large institutional investors.

We have developed a repeatable investment process that has been refined over more than a decade to create superior returns for our investors.

Our investment strategy:

Focus on technology themes — Our team’s deep technology background allows us to identify technology trends early, find diamonds in the rough, and attract the best founders as our partners.

Mitigate execution risk — Our team’s operating experience and success with rapidly growing, deep technology companies makes us the respected board members that CEOs and other investors seek to help them create momentum, grow fast, and dominate new markets.

Attract follow-on capital — Our portfolio companies benefit from a network of top-tier co-investors that we have built over 20 years. Our experience is that institutional capital worldwide is attracted to our de-risked, high-growth investment opportunities in foundational technology companies.

Vanedge has $390 million under management.


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